Voluptuous Super SUV Concept
OZ ReDesign the Wheel Contest
Ferrari Dino GT Varoc Design Challenge - one of the 15 finalists
BMW 750Li 2009
Audi S5 Wide Body
6th Maier S. Coop Competition Colour and Trim 2025 Crystal Cotton CuCr1
Carbon Motors Interior Styling
Mansory Wheel Propolsal
Esox Lucius
Designed in Green Contest - La Seta 4th place from the Jury 1st place from the public
Brabus Wheels Proposals
Design Competition Cancelled - KargraL Supercar Concept one of the 10th finalists
Master`s Project Technical University Sofia
Brabus GmbH Internship
Peugeot Design Contest
Bachelor`s Project Technical University Sofia
AMG Wheel Contest Technical University Sofia - 1st prize winner